Silver 30 Sponge Media™

This is the most commonly used Sponge Media for industrial coating removal and surface preparation. Silver 30 Sponge Media is ideal when a coarse angular profile is specified for the coating that is to be applied.

Sponge impregnated with 30 grit Aluminum Oxide to aggressively abrade and profile metals, concrete and other materials.

Silver 30 Sponge Media™



  • Product Name: Silver 30 Sponge Media™
  • Part #: SJM-S-30
  • Abrasive / Cleaning Agent: #30 Grit Aluminum Oxide
  • CARB Certified: Yes
  • Package Size: 18.1 kg (40.00 lb)
  • Profile Carbon Steel: ±75 μ (±3 mils)
  • Achievable Range*: 50-125 μ (2-5 mils)


  • Less worker exposure and fatigue
  • Less eye and other injuries
  • Contains no Crystalline Silica
  • Contains no detectable Beryllium

Besser für die Umwelt

  • Clean, Dry, Low Dust reusable abrasive
  • Extremely low dust generation compared to ordinary abrasives
  • High Reuse (recycles)
  • Lower fugitive emissions

Improved Operational Efficiency

  • Enhanced visibility and first-pass quality
  • Fewer defects and rework, keeping projects on schedule
  • High-quality surface preparation in sensitive or confined areas
  • The ability for other trades to work nearby
  • A solution for preparing surfaces near finished coatings, instruments and equipment
  • Contains no thermal plastics (Ideal for Pulp and Paper Mills)

Lower Direct and Indirect Costs

  • Low inbound and outbound freight
  • Less pollution, waste generation, fines and reporting
  • Improved community relations
  • Less liability, litigation and compliance reporting
  • Less downtime
  • Improved asset availability
  • Coatings perform longer, saving on future maintenance and acquisition costs
  • Easier staging, containment, ventilation and clean up

 Weniger Abfall, Disposition und Material Handling

  • Greater production and efficiency
  • Increased profits and production

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